Level 2 Clinical Cancer Exercise Specialists® (CCES®) are healthcare professionals who have a more advanced understanding of cancer biology, standard cancer treatments, treatment-related toxicities, and the benefits associated with exercise training in cancer survivors. They utilize evidence-based research principles to train cancer survivors with the purpose of alleviating cancer and cancer treatment-related side effects, enhancing functional capacity, and improving quality of life. They have advanced training in physical assessments, exercise prescriptions, and exercise interventions for cancer survivors.



  • 5-Day Practical Hands-On Training
  • Online Course Content
  • Face-to-Face Course Content


  • Basic Cancer Biology
  • Standard Cancer Treatments
  • Treatment-Related Toxicities
  • Benefits Associated with Exercise Training
  • Exercise Assessments in Cancer Survivors
  • Exercise Prescription for Cancer Survivors
  • Exercise Interventions for Cancer Survivors
  • Practical Hands-On Experience